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OK, let’s talk about the Baltimore riots

Three people have written to me over the past 24 hours requesting that I start a thread on the riots that are currently raging in Baltimore. This post is for them. If not for their notes, I don’t think I would have mentioned it here. It’s not that I don’t care that Freddy Gray was […]

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Robert’s Conspiracy Corner: The Michael Jackson murder

One of our regular readers, a fellow by the name of Robert, occasionally leaves odd and interesting comments here on the site. Generally speaking, they pertain to either election tampering, or murder. Following is a comment that he left today on the death of Michael Jackson. Though Dr. Conrad Murray is only being charged with […]

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Really, CNN?

My friend Scott Huffines, the founder of Baltimore’s beloved Atomic Books, claims to have taken this shot of his television this morning. I’m hoping, for the sake of our country, that he’s lying, but I don’t think that he is. Regardless of its authenticity, I think it’s beautiful.

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On Michael Jackson passing

I was going to post something about Michael Jackson’s passing the other day, but nothing seemed to work. I wrote for hours, but just couldn’t find the right balance. So, I’d made up my mind that I wasn’t going to post anything at all. Then, today, I stumbled across a video of 11 year old […]

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