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“You bed-pissing rednecks are a fucking disgrace to this country”

I’ve spent the last few days among the fudgies of Mackinac Island, and I’m finding it difficult to transition back into the real world. While I’m trying to work things out, here’s something for you to discuss. Speaking of Romney’s dancing horse, does anyone know when it’s scheduled to make its appearance at the Olympics? […]

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Romney… We’ve established that he’s not the solution, but the problem… Now, it’s time to bring on the dancing horses

The swiftboating of John Kerry, I guess, wasn’t a total loss. Sure, we lost the election because of it, but we learned a thing or two in the process. Most importantly, we learned from Karl Rove that, if you really want to destroy a man, it isn’t enough to just go after him where he’s […]

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