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The closing of the Ypsi Citizen

And it keeps on coming… Not only does it look like Ypsi is losing the Elbow Room and Bombadill’s, but, as of today, we’re also without our local online news source, the Ypsi Citizen. The following clip, written by Dan DuChene and Christine Laughren, comes from their website: …Every minute of our work on the […]

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looking for a young black man

Are you a young, African-American male within driving distance of Ypsilanti? If so, drop me a line. I might have some work for you. Actually, I should mention right up front that it doesn’t involve either being alone with me, or the removal of any clothes… Video equipment, however, may be involved. So, here’s the […]

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two legs good, four legs bad

I believe last night was the first time anyone involved in the Spitting Cats project has thought to bring a camera to one of our meetings. As a result, we now have this beautiful panoramic shot taken by Brett. (A larger version can be seen here.) From left to right are Ingrid, Laura, George, and […]

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nice kitty coming to town

I haven’t written about it here in a while, but our work has been continuing on the Ypsi Sentinel, the local community journalism project that me and other local bloggers have been working diligently (and occasionally drunkenly) to get off the ground. If you’re interested in finding out more, and maybe even joining us in […]

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setting the bar for citizen journalism very high

I hesitate to link to this article on the same night that I posted my pathetic coverage of the local planning commission meeting, but apparently in some places citizen journalists are really creating positive change. Here’s a clip from a New York Times article on Chinese blogger, Li Xinde: …He made a modest fortune selling […]

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