The performance lineup for Saturday’s Shadow Art Fair

For the last several years, a brilliant fellow by the name of Ian Fulcher (otherwise know as MC Trashpedal) has been curating the live performances at the Shadow Art Fair. Following is a short conversation between he and I on Saturday’s lineup.

But, first, here’s the tentative schedule:

The music begins at 1:30!

1:30 Found Object Orchestra Internationale
2:15 Mark Stewart
3:00 Compartment
3:45 Juniper Baby
4:30 James Cornish Wind Choir
5:15 Andrew Brown-Cat Kauervane
6:00 Team Ethic
6:45 Our Brother the Native
7:30 Dabenport
8:15 Druid Perfume
(end music)

9:00 “The Babuska, the Buffoon, and the Brick” a short Film by Dan Florida
9:15 Shadow Puppets by Patrick Elkins w/VJ Ronen Goldstein
9:45 A reading by Stupor’s Steve Hughes

Forest Juziuk to DJ between sets

And, as noted in an earlier thread, the Cinemasports screening will begin promptly at 10:00 PM.

Now, here’s that interview with Ian.

MARK: So, Ian, what have you got lined up talent-wise for this year’s Shadow Art Fair?

IAN: Oh, I think we’ve got something for everybody. There will be Ypsilantine musicians such as Dabenport as well as some acts from Detroit (Druid Perfume, James Cornish) and up north (Andrew Brown-Cat Kauervane). I really wanted to bring folks together for this one, in the same way the Shadow Art Fair proper pulls together visual artists. If I had a theme, I guess it would be “flash unity.” Here’s the working schedule:

MARK: Can you expand on this theme of “flash unity”?

IAN: Yeah, well, I guess that might need some explaining. A good example might be when a band gets together and is listening to each other in a seemingly effortless way, such that everyone gets his or her say but is fitting it into a collective idea of a bigger whole in the moment. So “flash unity” is a melding of community and whatever’s at the core of improvisation, maybe?

Taking that as a microcosm, I guess I wanted to book bands who could come together in the same way. Ypsilanti has something special going on. The bands that are coming together should celebrate Ypsilanti’s very specific and integral place in Michigan, no matter where they’re from. This is one of the main differences between the Shadow Art Fair and other art fairs I’ve seen: It’s not just a happening, it’s a community thing. …That, and the art is way better.

MARK: How would you define the “Ypsilanti Sound,” or can it be defined?

IAN: Oh that’s dangerous. With all the innovative noise and folk-reinvention (not to mention the next generations of freakout, jazz, and bluegrass sounds going on), I’m tempted to take the 5th. But your question does remind me of one my son recently asked me, “Dad, what does ‘eccentric’ mean?” The answer to both of your questions is the same: “It’s unexpected and weird, but a good weird.”

MARK: It’s hard to define a scene. It often doesn’t have as much to do with music as with friendships and attitude. It’s interesting how scenes evolve and die… On that note, is there anything else that people should know about the show?

IAN: Yeah. Don’t get me going on “scene vs. community.” We’ll be here all day!

But I will say this: it’s all good stuff. I guess I’m personally looking forward to hearing the Dabenport reunion and Jimbo Easter’s Druid Perfume project. Easter’s performances are always energetic and ritualistic (think caveman shaman). Dabenport hasn’t played together for 3 years, I believe. If you get a chance, look at their line-up — you may see one or five of your favorite Ypsilanti musicians. They got back together for SAF, and I hear they are now going to release an album. So there you go, sometimes ‘flash unity’ sticks.

Also! Pat Elkins is doing shadow puppets again (I believe he’s the only recurring artist), but this year he’s working with our old friend Ronen Goldstein who is going to replace Elkins’ light source with selected VJ backgrounds. I’m really interested in the fusing of art disciplines and styles. Should be the best kind of interesting.

And, for you newbies, all of this musical “flash unity” stuff will be taking place in the beer garden of Ypsi’s Corner Brewery… See you Saturday!

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  1. Edward
    Posted July 12, 2011 at 8:07 am | Permalink

    Thank you for all you do, Ian. The music is always great at the Shadow.

  2. Mr. X
    Posted July 12, 2011 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    I was not aware that Dabenport is a country band.

    From their website:

    MISSION STATEMENT: Dabenport’s music has been described as Shoegaze Country, Alt-Country, Americana so forth. Allthough all these classifacations are flattering we feel they don’t specifically describe the sounds we make. We make simple country songs, and thats all. We aim to sound like Porter Wagner or Hank Williams but because of our Space Rock and Indie background we end up somewhere between here and there, and that is our sound. We use Country and Roots music as a diving board for our own ideas of music.

    Druid Perfume, judging from this video, is probably a little less so.

    Eclectic as always.

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