the campaign to annex ypsilanti township

A few days ago, in a thread about the possibility of annexing the Township, I mentioned that I thought it would be a lot of fun to start putting “Annex the Township” yard signs up around town. I didn’t think it would lead to a substantive debate on the subject. I just thought that it would be fun to sit back and watch the responses of the people in the Township as their suburban heads exploded. Then, it occurred to me that it would be even better if we made it look as though the idea of annexation was for the good of the relatively much more financially stable Township. So, anyway, here’s my first attempt at a yard sign. I used the Bush/Cheney template, thinking that it might carry some weight in the Township. I may have the buzzwords wrong, but I really like the idea. (If you have thoughts on better phrases, leave a comment.)

And I’m truly sorry that this post isn’t constructive. I get tired on occasion of trying to do the right thing.

Happy Independence Day.

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  1. egpenet
    Posted July 2, 2008 at 9:49 pm | Permalink

    Does the Michigan Constitution allow for Same Township marriage?

    If they do, Ypsi Township and Ann Arbor Township (or any other two) could get married and adopt Ypsilanti as their foster baby.

  2. egpenet
    Posted July 2, 2008 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    Then, if anything really bad ever happened in town, we could sue our parents and pay off Water Street.

  3. Posted July 2, 2008 at 10:39 pm | Permalink

    eg, funny!

    Anyone else – township or city – enjoying this lightning show that’s being put on tonight by ol’ mother nature?

  4. egpenet
    Posted July 2, 2008 at 11:02 pm | Permalink

    Free fireworks! Wowza!

  5. Brackache
    Posted July 2, 2008 at 11:21 pm | Permalink

    “Respect Self-Determination: allow Township Annexation”

    It rhymes and makes you dumber the more you say it.

  6. egpenet
    Posted July 2, 2008 at 11:45 pm | Permalink

    Your honor … my client was forcibly brought into the county from Kentucky by his adoptive parents, the defendants, Ann Arbor Township and Ypsilanti Township.

    Our case is that the marriage itself is illegal under the Michigan Constitution disallowing same township marriages, and further, that the adoption was therefore a fraud on the great State of Kentucky, which is a party to this suit, and further that this action by the defendants constituted kidnapping at the time.

    Now that my client, the plaintiff, City of Ypsilanti, is in its declining years, the actions of the defendants represents a futher harm to its aged parent, reducing the City to a virtual penniless state.

    Therefore we seek a finding of fraud, kidnapping and a redress to the City of $60 million dollars for its continuing aged care, plus treble damages of $180 million for pain and suffering due to the City’s loss of kith and kin following the kidnapping, from which the City has never fully recovered and now suffers PTSD, waking in the middle of the night screaming: “My Old Kentucky Home!”

    The prosecution rests, your honor.

  7. Edge of the Sprawl
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 8:34 am | Permalink

    “Then, it occurred to me that it would be even better if we made it look as though the idea of annexation was for the good of the relatively much more financially stable Township.”

    Too bad it didn’t occur to you that the township residents intelligence is significantly higher than city folk, and the same tactics used in city politics would never work in the more sophisticated environment. It has been entertaining to read the comments of a large number of city residents who actually believe it’s in the best interest of the township to consolidate services with the city.

  8. Somebody Please De-Pants Edge
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 9:10 am | Permalink

    “Too bad it didn’t occur to you that the township residents intelligence is significantly higher than city folk…”

    And you wonder why people hate you pricks? How’s that gas bill?

  9. Paw
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 9:18 am | Permalink

    Allow Ypsi Township to be Annexed

    I think they’d be most pissed if we made it look as though they wanted to do it for the sake of culture, diversity and history.

  10. Stella
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 9:19 am | Permalink

    I don’t live in your city, or your township, so I’ve been pretty much ignoring this whole fight, but holey moley, wandering into it at this juncture and seeing that intelligence statement above, makes you appear either defensively mean spirited and pejorative or racist. So, which of those people do you want to be?

  11. Paw
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 9:20 am | Permalink

    Or what about, “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need”? That would really boil some butts!

  12. Citizen Blogger
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    How about “Full Citizenship for Township Residents”?

    I want to see somebody argue against “citizenship”.

  13. Edge of the Sprawl
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 10:10 am | Permalink


    Not only does the township have more racial diversity, but the southern half is now predominately Republican. Sure you want those votes outnumbering you more than 2 to 1?

  14. Stella
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 10:32 am | Permalink

    Like I said, I don’t live in any of these places you folk are arguing about.

    I was questioning your motivation in making a hyperbolic, unverifiable, assertion in a pejorative fashion in the midst of said argument.
    As well as that, stating that your township is racially diverse does not absolve you personally from the possibility of your statement having been racially motivated. One could have no issues with one or more racial groups and issues with one or more others.

  15. West Cross is the Best Cross
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 10:58 am | Permalink

    Everytime there is a township vs. city debate I eagerly read through the comments until I find Edge of the Sprawl or someone else saying something that gets everyone else ticked off.
    I’m never disappointed, it’s always there.
    Almost like it’s on purpose…

  16. Edge of the Sprawl
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    I’ll admit, the comment about intelligence was solely for the purpose of showing Mark that urban heads explode at a faster rate. Thanks for your cooperation.

  17. Stella
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 12:11 pm | Permalink

    I now know which of those people you want to be. Thanks for your cooperation.

  18. Brackache
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

    People really got pissed of at EoS’s intelligence comment?

    Mix in a skin-thickening agent there, folks. I thought I was unstable.

    Nothing you say about anything can absolve you from the possibility that your opinions are secretly racially motivated. Proving your innocence against a character accusation not backed by proof is impossible and unjust. The burden of proof is therefore on the accuser. It’s a low technique to silence people without debate. Hope you’ve got evidence if ever libel or slander someone as a racist, cause you might need it to avoid losing a lawsuit. As I understand the law.

    Of course, if your target has assumed public figure status, slander and libel away.

  19. Brackache
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 2:11 pm | Permalink

    Seemed to me, EoS was being hyperbolic for humor’s sake, and if he meant it to provoke emotions, I’m shocked it worked.

  20. Somebody Please De-Pants Edge
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

    “EoS was being hyperbolic for humor’s sake”

    Damn, he must be one funny SOB at parties. I gotta get me down to that there Republicanite strong-hold more often. Sure, Carlin’s dead, but Eos lives on!

    Seven dirty words you can’t say in Ypsi Township: community, Ypsilanti, sprawl, gas, SUV, fill-er-up and whadda-ya-mean-I-have-to-pay-for-my-own-police.

  21. Robert
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 5:00 pm | Permalink

    Pretty thinly veiled test balloon for your run for US Senate, Mark.

  22. Brackache
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 5:03 pm | Permalink

    SPD-PE: suit yourself and get all mad if you want. I just prefer my panties unwadded.

    I believe the townshippers have the right of self-determination like the Brazillian tribemen, the right to keep their resources (revenue) from being devoured against their will by people who can’t live within their means (similar to the U.S. and everyone else’s oil), and the right to hyperbolize about my relative intelligence (as a city dweller) for humorous effect in self defense.

    Seeing as how this whole post is about mark provoking the townshippers for humorous effect, which I also find funny, I suggest you all chill out about EoS poking back.

    But if it’s true that the township is more racially diverse, it raises the possibility that anyone who wants to annex the township and take their revenue against their will is racially motivated, if we’re going to start playing that stupid game.

  23. Brackache
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 5:09 pm | Permalink

    Manifest Destiny
    Vote yes on Township Annexation

  24. Robert
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    I’ve got a better idea. Let’s break the City of Ypsilanti up into several smaller cities, something like what happened with Yugoslavia. The neighborhoods which can live within their means can then be free of the burden of those who can’t.

  25. Posted July 3, 2008 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    Troll successfully baited and hooked. This has officially become a high school MySpace blog, see y’all later…

    …in bankruptcy court.

  26. Brackache
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 6:18 pm | Permalink

    Great idea Robert. My city shall be known as Brackacheville. It will consist of me and my wife, and the taxes will be 100% of our income, to be distributed on a case-by-case basis between us. We will not have elections, and our system of governance shall be known as a notbeinganassholearchy. The city charter shall consist only of a dishwashing schedule. Urban farm animals will be permitted after a protracted period of begging and promising I’ll clean up the poop. We will divert some of our revenue to help neighboring familycities on a case-by-case basis, sometimes in the form of food, beverages, babysitting, and brief periods of manual labor.

    Utopia achieved.

  27. Robert
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 6:30 pm | Permalink

    Ok, how much do you all owe me?

  28. Posted July 3, 2008 at 9:21 pm | Permalink

    I think it would be much more amusing to build a giant wall separating the city from the township. We could even put in several checkpoints charlie, and people could attempt to make daring runs through no mans land to the other side. In eighty years, we could get the ghost of Ronald Reagan to make a speech, “Mr. Whomever, tear down this wall!”

  29. Ol' E Cross
    Posted July 3, 2008 at 11:37 pm | Permalink

    Not only does the township have more racial diversity

    Cite source? Note semcog and the u.s. census disagree. Barely.

    …but the southern half is now predominately Republican.

    Would be the half with five voters, 12 cows, and one large ass?

  30. Posted July 3, 2008 at 11:46 pm | Permalink

    Donkeys are not very large, OEC. Perhaps it’s a mule?

  31. elviscostello
    Posted July 4, 2008 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

    “Southern end is now predominently Republican…”

    When I see Republicans running for office in Ypsilanti Township, then I’ll believe that statement…They can’t even get names on the ballot…

  32. Brackache
    Posted July 4, 2008 at 10:42 pm | Permalink

    What’s up with the Township tagging along in our parade and wearing down our city streets with their big firetrucks anyway? Now I’m starting to rethink this whole thing, ya noncandy-throwing parasites.

  33. Posted July 5, 2008 at 12:11 am | Permalink

    God bless us all, township or city – god bless ypsilanti.

  34. Dirtgrain
    Posted July 5, 2008 at 8:52 am | Permalink

    Parasitism is the sincerest form of flattery.

  35. egpenet
    Posted July 5, 2008 at 12:57 pm | Permalink

    I’m with you, Cousin Geoff. God Bless us all.

  36. Township Resident
    Posted July 6, 2008 at 2:31 am | Permalink

    Here’s a sign that would be more honest:
  37. applejack
    Posted July 18, 2008 at 10:47 am | Permalink

    I’m late jumping in with my yard sign suggestion, but here it is:

    United we Thrive, Divided we Fail!
    Support Ypsilanti:
    Support Annexation

  38. applejack
    Posted July 18, 2008 at 11:31 am | Permalink

    also, EoS talks about ‘outnumbering us 2 to 1’ and how the southern part of the township is more republican. Maybe I didn’t mention this specifically before, but when I say ‘annex the township’, I don’t mean the entire thing. I’m not suggesting that the city of ypsilanti should take over the whole township, just the areas around it.

    I think we should start the annexation campaign in those areas. Like north of 94 and east of golfside. We can go door-to-door and collect signatures to petition annexation. All we need is 20 percent of the registered voters in that portion of the township to trigger a vote in the city and in that part of the township. The rest of the township doesn’t get a vote in the matter.

  39. applejack
    Posted July 18, 2008 at 11:41 am | Permalink

    Here’s another yard sign idea with a clever Y motif:

    Ynited we stand!
    Strengthen Ypsi by joining Ypsi:
    Support Annexation

  40. applejack
    Posted July 18, 2008 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    here’s my crappy mspaint mock-up:

  41. Ol' E Cross
    Posted July 18, 2008 at 11:50 pm | Permalink


    That’s not bad. My concept was a little simpler:

    Support Annexation!
    Y? Y> because we like you!

    (Accompanied by a graphic of three black circles.)

  42. Posted July 19, 2008 at 12:39 am | Permalink

    Y Town Can

    An Ypsilanti Township Candidate forum & community dialogue

    Be informed. Be engaged. Be ready.

    Thursday, July 24th

    Community Room of the
    Ypsilanti District Library
    5577 Whittaker Rd.

    We hope this forum will involve & give voice
    to as many residents as possible while
    simultaneously providing a more communal
    opportunity for the candidates to speak and
    share their platforms.

    Candidates running for Ypsilanti Township
    Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, Trustee, Park
    Commissioner, and Washtenaw County
    Sheriff will answer questions posed by
    you…the citizens.

    Residents can submit questions for the forum
    and hold online discussions at:

    Forum Organizers

    Derrick Jackson
    Phone: 734-330-9911

    Decky Alexander
    Phone: 734-945-9164
    E-mail: will be recording the debate and if we can secure a high speed Internet connection we will broadcast live on

    Steve Pierce
    Ypsilanti, Michigan
    (734) 482-9682 |

  43. MaryD
    Posted July 19, 2008 at 7:18 am | Permalink

    GO Steve, this is one of the many reasons we love you!

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