the corporate thaw

Kevin Dole just wrote in to tell us that Al Gore was on “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross this afternoon. I’m listening now, while making my way through the news, much of which concerns global warming… On that note, here’s a comment delivered by a Fox News analyst through clenched teeth:

There’s no scientific proof that global warming even exists. To be honest, it’s a bogus consensus dreamed up by Greens because they hate industry. They hate advancement. They hate technology…Greens will lead us back to the stone ages.

Fortunately, Americans are finally, after a few decades, beginning to see through the misinformation campaigns being waged by the corporate right… And, what’s more, some companies are even taking it on themselves to cut down on emissions. Will others follow suit? It’s hard to say, but maybe there’s reason to be encouraged. It looks like even Bush’s nominee to take over the Treasury Department is in favor of Kyoto compliance. Could it be that the tide is changing and that the leaders of industry are finally beginning to see that the there’s no more hiding from what we’re headed toward?

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