big business likes alito

Apparently, he isn’t just a favorite of the religious extremists, but also of the captains of industry. Here’s a clip from Business Week:

In the 800-plus opinions he has penned during his 15 years as a federal judge, Alito consistently has come down on the side of limiting corporate liability, limiting employee rights, and limiting federal regulation. “He would be a liability restrainer,” says Stan Anderson, legal-affairs lobbyist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce…

Fortunately for the CEO class, it doesn’t look like they’re going to have to get their suits all bloody in this fight. As usual, the religious fanatics among us are going to do most of the dirty work for them, oblivious to the fact that they’re hurting themselves, and their children, in the process. As usual, the irony would be hillarious if not for the fact that it affects the rest of us too.

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  1. mark
    Posted November 3, 2005 at 10:18 pm | Permalink

    And check this out:

    Supreme Court justice nominee Samuel Alito while serving as deputy assistant attorney general during the Reagan administration helped write a Department of Justice opinion that employers could legally fire people living with AIDS because of a “fear of contagion, whether reasonable or not,” the Washington Post reports. The opinion said the firing would be legal because discrimination based on “insufficient medical knowledge” was not banned by federal laws protecting disabled people (Grunwald et al., Washington Post, 11/1)…

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