a lot of bad shit can happen in just one year

I love timelines, and the folks at Think Progress have a great one today, outlining all all the Bush administration highlights since the ’04 election. Here are just a few little clips:

January 7: Documents Reveal Armstrong Williams Received $240,000 To Hawk ‘No Child Left Behind.’

January 12: Search for Iraq’s WMD Comes To Quiet End.

February 10: Jeff Gannon Retires As “White House Reporter” After Being Exposed.

March 21: Bush Interrupts Vacation to Fly Back to Washington and Sign Schiavo Bill In the Middle of the Night.

May 31: Vice President Cheney Says Iraq Insurgency In Its “Last Throes.”

June 15: Autopsy Shows Schiavo Was Blind, Contradicting Frist’s “Diagnosis.”

June 17: White House Caught Doctoring More Climate Documents.

August 2: Bush Kicks Off Longest Presidential Vacation in 36 Years.

It just goes on and on…. It’s an amazing compilation, and well footnoted. If you get a chance, look it over, and join me in being amazed as to just how much we’ve lived through this past year… Secret prisons. Free speech zones. A fake reporter in the White House press pool. The Hurricane Katrina response. The Plame Affair. Terri Schiavo… It’s un-fucking-believable to me that all of this has happened in just the last year. It’s a lifetime’s worth of political evil.

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  1. chris
    Posted November 5, 2005 at 9:03 pm | Permalink

    They keep topping themselves don’t they? That must take some serious work. It truly is some form of wackadoo gluttony. Kind of like, wow you think that was unacceptably insane? Watch me now!

  2. mark
    Posted November 5, 2005 at 9:27 pm | Permalink

    I left a comment in another thread… the one where we were all talking about why we’re still here if it sucks so bad… suggesting that maybe we were like frogs on a stove. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard it said that if you heat frogs up slowly in a pan of water they don’t think of jumping out. If it happens gradually, they just sit there until they’re boiled. When I look at this list, it makes me think of a gradually boiling pot full of water.

  3. chris
    Posted November 7, 2005 at 9:26 pm | Permalink

    An environmental scientist (I think that’s who it was in the urban myth) discussing the pollution of Mexico City in retort to someone questioning why people weren’t dieing left and right if the pollution was so bad. Put frog in pot of boiling water he jumps out. Put frog in pot of cold water on flame and he stays until he boils to death.And yeah, I think that it would be suffice to say that at this point I am most definitely….ribit ribit RIbit!

  4. Teddy Glass
    Posted November 8, 2005 at 9:43 am | Permalink

    I’ve also hear it said that the earth’s frog population is way down in recent years. Some see it as evidence that the earth is dying. Frogs, they say, are to the surface of the planet what cannaries are to cole mines.

  5. chris
    Posted November 8, 2005 at 9:10 pm | Permalink

    Not only are they dying off but previous to this, they were found in freshwater ponds throughout the midwest having mutations at a rate not seen before then.

    Oh yeah, we all gonna die. BTW, I voted for the Green Party for the first time in my life tonight. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

  6. mark
    Posted November 8, 2005 at 10:48 pm | Permalink

    I haven’t given this a lot of thought, but I wonder if the Greens have ever tried to get Robert Kennedy Jr. to run for President. I suspect it might be difficult to get a Kennedy to jump the Democratic ship, but he seems like he’d be an ideal candidate for them, and one that could attract some attention… Of course, he may not want to put his family though everything that a serious run for president would entail (i.e. discussions of previous drug use, etc).

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