my weekend in kentucky

I spent the last few days in Kentucky with my parents. At some point during the weekend, my mom told me that she removes the magnetic “I Support the Troops” ribbons from her SUV every time I visit, because she’s afraid that I’ll make fun of her. (I then tried to make fun of her – for both having and hiding the damned things – but every time I opened my mouth, I ended up feeling terribly loathsome and chickening out.)

Here’s a photo from this weekend of Clementine, my mom’s sister, Nancy, and my cousin Alicia’s son, Lincoln. (The little fellow up front, smiling proudly, is my father.) It’s a pretty representative photo. We had a good time… We all just sat around eating, looking at the babies, snapping photos and smiling at each other.

In other news, Clementine went on her first swing and loved it, I (a 37 year old man) had to ask my father to come in and get a giant spider that had me cornered in a bathroom, I met a woman whose son met a woman from Africa in a bar, fell in love, and then had to fly to Zimbabwe and pay her tribe $5,000 before he could propose, and I learned that a distant family member is moving to Iraq with his two small daughters in order to do Christian missionary work.

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