hypocrisy watch: david dreier

It looks like the editorial department at Larry Flynts Hustler Magazine has got its sights set on Republican David Dreier, a closeted gay Congressman from California. Heres a link showing Hultlers letter to the Congressman, and here’s their their letter to the editor of his local paper, asking why, since they knew the Congresman was gay, they never raised it as an issue when he was supporting anti-gay legislation like the so-called Marriage Protection Act. For the whole story on the outing of David Dreier, see the Blog Active site And, Hustlers letter to the Congressman, in case you didn’t follow the link above, is really good. Heres a clip:

As you may know, Huslter Magazien sent a team of reporters to New York City to cover the Republican National Convention. Our interest is in exploring the intersection of human sexuality, national politics and the conservative agenda.

Given the culture war that is evolving in this nation, we feel its important to have an honest, open and frank discussion with legislators who are voting on laws that shape and impact peoples lives on very fundamental levels. Especially when a Congressman, for example, says one thing and does anotheror espouses one way of life, while secretly living another.

God bless Larry Flynt…. Anyone want to go and help me build that giant statue now?

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