the petrified maynard

Im on hold with AT&T Cellular to ask about my phone bill. Linette and Clementine are out this afternoon, at a baby shower somewhere on the other side of Detroit. I should be taking advantage of the time alone to catch up on my sleep, have a beer, watch an old movie (I have The Petrified Forrest on the Tivo, waiting for me), or search the web for information on the availability of monkey taint, but instead Im sitting here, trying to catch up on the bills On a different subject, I just discovered yesterday that Clementine will now stick out her tongue when I stick mine out. Linette and I thought that this perhaps indicated that she was brilliant, but someone just told Linette this morning that babies begin to do that at around six weeks. And Clementine will be six weeks old tomorrow OK, I just got off the phone with AT&T. After 20 minutes on hold, and another 10 minutes of talking, my bill is now a whole thirty-three cents less than it was when I started. I saved a penny for every minute I invested. Not too bad Maybe Ill go have that beer now.

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  1. Mark
    Posted August 21, 2004 at 11:10 pm | Permalink

    It’s not a really great film (it’s overwritten and the sets are really fake), but there are things about it that are outstanding. Leslie Howard, who plays a wandering novelist who never lived up to his potential, at one point has a great line about nature reclaiming the world, or something like that. He essentially says that the overload of modern life is causing us to lose our minds. I found that really odd, as the film was made in 1936. It was made before televisions, before computers, before communications became truly pervasive and intrusive, and yet the author still thought that mankind was becoming overburdened. I wonder what he would think today I also found the race issues dealt with in the film to be farther ahead of their time that I would have guessed If any of you have seen the film, Id be curious to know what you think…

    It’s amazing to me that in 60 years we went from something like this to something like Forest Gump.

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