television addiction

I just got word through the grapevine that one of my favorite bands of all time, Television, might be making a rare appearance in New York at the Roseland Ballroom on October 2nd, opening for Patti Smith. While I know it would be terrible to abandon my family less than three months after my daughters birth, I must confess that the idea has crossed my mind Actually, as I sit here thinking about it, maybe its not so crazy of an idea to take Linette and Clementine with me and make it our first real family vacation… How cool would it be if Clementine got to see Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd on stage together when she was only three months old? Thats a huge, fucking head-start in life. (And my daughter deserves it.)

Im still kind of pissed that my parents didnt drag me down the street to see the first U.S. Sex Pistols show when we were living in Atlanta. Maybe this, I think, would put the Maynard family back on the right track.

Can someone please check and see if I can bring a baby to the Roseland Ballroom, and whether or not my homemade Crimewave USA press pass will get us in?

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