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Every once in a while Im reminded just how fucking funny my friend Jeff is. Sometimes its something incredibly insightful and witty that he says, but more often its just something very simple and straightforward, like his post today on high school… You might not believe me when I tell you this, but its true – Jeffs West Virginia Surf Report site is the closest thing that we in America have to a modern Andy Griffith show Anyway, believe me or not, I think youll find this little paragraph a welcome diversion from the other nonsense that I drag out and nail to the wall every day.

My biggest accomplishment during four years of French classes came in ninth grade. A girl showed up one day wearing a t-shirt with a French saying written across the chest. The teacher said, “Jeff, can you tell us what Shawn’s shirt says today?” When I said no, she exploded. “Why not??” she spat, along with a little venom. “Too bumpy,” I said, and the whole class erupted in sustained laughter. Other than that, I didn’t take much away from four years of French instruction.

Maybe its just due to everything else going on in the world, or my lack of sleep, or my desire to look at bumpy high school t-shirts, but I found that funny as hell, and it makes me want to go into the other room and start digging through the 20-some hours of comedy footage that he and I shot in San Francisco a few years ago I just know theres hilarious stuff in there, but I cant bring myself to face the task of creating art from such a huge, ugly, imposing block of marble.

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