mccain to jump shark

Part of me, like maybe 10%, thinks that when John McCain takes the stage tomorrow night at the Republican National Convention, hell decide to do the right thing and say what he really thinks of George Bush, the man whose team, during the 2,000 Republican primaries, impugned his character, implied that he had betrayed his country in Vietnam, and, playing to the basest prejudices of southern voters, suggested that he had fathered a child with a black woman. McCain, if he chose to, could change the course of this country tomorrow night. If he took the podium during the convention and spoke the truth, saying that George Bush has proven to be a miserable failure as president, more interested in cutting taxes than keeping jobs and dealing with the national debt, more interested in following corporate interests into war than in protecting the men and women of America, he would decide this race once and for all. Of course, this wont happen. McCain, a fellow who I have always had the utmost respect for, will most likely tow the company line. Hell do what hes told. And, in that moment, he will jump the shark.

Id like to think that McCains a decent man who would say something if he could, but thats probably naive. At the end of the day hes probably just like any other politician, worried about preserving his own power. Id like to think that his arms being twisted, but its probably not. Its probably more likely that Bush is offering him something (either a position for himself, the sponsorship of his legislation, or something for the state of Arizona), than using threats to keep him towing the GOP line.

The way Id like to imagine it, its kind of like the film Mister Roberts For those of you who havent seen the film, Henry Fonda plays Douglas Roberts, a lieutenant onboard a supply ship during World War II, serving under an S.O.B. of a captain, played by James Cagney. The men onboard the ship look up to Roberts, who, when push comes to shove, always stands up to the captain on their behalf. At some point, however, the captain makes a deal with Roberts. In exchange for his unconditional support on all matters, the captain agrees to let the men on the ship have a very much needed shore leave. Well, when the men come back from their leave, they find Roberts a changed man, a man who agrees with everything that the captain says. They lose respect for him, not realizing that hes only doing it for them Well, Id like to think that McCain, if he does tow the Bush line tomorrow night, will just be doing it because hes looking out for us, like Douglas Roberts was. I know, however, that wont be the case. McCain will do what the president wants because he is, first and foremost, a Republican.

Of course, Ill be watching though, hoping that perhaps his conscious will get the best of him and hell choose to throw away his political career for the good of the country…. I said before that there might be a 10% chance of that happening. Now I think its more likely a 2% chance though. It just occurred to me that if McCain really wanted to do what was best for the country, he would have joined the Kerry ticket at the outset So, can I change my vote? I think McCain jumped the shark a few weeks ago, when he chose not to run as VP Either way, its sad.

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