lets ask skinner

I just got covered in regurgitated breast milk. I know it must be someones fetish, but it didnt do much for me. I just wanted it to be over with so that I could go upstairs and take a shower Now that Im sitting here, reflecting on it, though, Im wondering if maybe theres a website catering to people who like stories about such things. And, I wonder if they might be willing to pay me for my story. Hmmm. I wish there was someone that I could ask about such things.

Well, guess what? There is someone to ask about such things, a man named Doug Skinner, a brilliant man of the world who, on occasion, stoops down from his lofty ivory tower to help the likes of you and me as we puzzle over our little quandaries.

Do you have a question of your own to ask Mr. Skinner? If you do, just leave it in the comments section and Ill see to it that he gets it.

And remember, no question is to tricky for Mr. Skinner.

So, whatll it be? Middle East peace, your love life, quantum physics? If you have a question, Mr. Skinner has an answer. (Answers will appear in the upcoming issue of Crimewave USA.)

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