no, i dont want to marry reagans corpse, but thanks for asking

Ive gotten a few notes from people who seemed to think that my post the other day about Reagan was a little too flattering. I apologize if it came across that way. What I was trying to say, simply put, was that I think that Bush is worse. Thats all. I wasnt saying that I love Ronald Reagan. I wasnt defending his policies. And I certainly wasn’t trying to participate in the revisionist history taking place this week. I was just attempting to describe the feeling of, Who would have thought, back in the mid-80s that our leadership could have possibly gotten any worse?

note: If I were a better writer, I wouldnt have to have a blog. Id have a newspaper column or something. Please keep that in mind the next time you send me an angry note… Whatever it is, just assume that I meant it differently than it comes across here on the screen.

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