brilliant incest humor and offensive marketing

I just got a chance to catch up on Metafilter and Im glad I did. First, I stumbled across a really great discussion on the evolution of the horribly offensive Aristocrats joke (follow all the links, especially the Gilbert Gottfried one), and then I happened upon an interesting article about Scientology and how its messages are being smuggled into the K-12 curriculum under the guise of anti-drug materials Apparently, the Church of Scientology, taking a page from the McDonalds handbook, is making materials available to schools for free through Narconon, a separate, but affiliated, not-for-profit. (Just as McDonalds makes nutrition information available to schools at no cost.) Its a terrible thing, but quite brilliant. If other cults were smart, theyd get on the bandwagon Speaking of brilliant-but-evil marketing, did you read the story about P&Gs new initiative to print ads on individual Pringles? I dont know about you, but I cant wait to bite into my first jock itch or nail fungus-themed Pringle… Actually, the best ad to print on a chip, especially one fried in one of those new, fat-free, anal leakage-inducing chips, would be an ad for adult diapers. How synergistic would that be? Perhaps the Pringle itself could be a coupon that you could have scanned, and then consume And if Pringles had advertising, would they be free? Is it conceivable to think that one day there might be a giant, communal Pringle trough in every town? I dont think Im going too far out on a limb when I say thats just what America needs.

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