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I brought a lot of work home and Im not going to be able to post tonight. I did, however, want to link to something that my friend Steve put up on his site today. Its a piece on Americas booming Prison Industrial Complex. After you read his post, check out the comments section. Some pretty interesting stuff is getting said.

The fact that this subject isnt even one of the top ten that I track is embarrassing. More that that though, its testament to just how fucked up the world has become. I cant believe were living in a world where the fact that prisons are becoming for-profit industries, pimping out below minimum wage slave labor, doesnt even register on my outrage meter. Five years ago, I think I would have been marching in DC if Id heard that a greater percentage of black men would see the inside of a prison than a university. Now, I just tacitly accept it. Its like were all living inside of some elaborate reality television series, and this stuff is happening so quickly that there isnt even time to react.

Even more upsetting, my friend Arun just wrote in to tell me that legislation was pending in New Orleans to outlaw low-riding, pubic bone-baring jeans Will the ramifications of Janet Jacksons tit never end? The damned thing is like Michael Meyers in the Halloween movies.

On a much happier note, another fellow Ypsi blogger, Laura from the Ypsi Dixit just made me aware of that fact that Leonardo da Vincis notebooks are now available on-line.

OK, I said that I didnt have time to post, but it looks like thats exactly what I did Im stopping now though.

See, I can stop.

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