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Collin Burton, the illustrator who occasionally contributes work to this site, just launched a site of his own called Fizzle and Pop. If you get a chance, you should stop by and check out his stuff. Unlike me, he can draw people that that don’t just look like lumbering blobs with bulging eyes, weak chins and quivering lips.

Speaking of my style of drawing, I just happened upon an image of a British hillfigure that quite reminds me of my own work (minus the enormous, 20-foot tall erection, of course).

As this perplexing hillside etching was apparently created in the early-1600s, before the Maynards migrated to America, I suppose its quite possible that one of my ancestors had a trembling, freaky hand in it. (Perhaps it was his way of saying goodbye to the women of merry, old England who had so often laughed at his advances “See what you missed out on, ladies? I’m taking my pea-sized head and massive cock to the new world.”)

Back to my friends Theres a conversation concerning Clear Channel Communications taking place at my friend Steves site, The Seat of Revolution. Heres one of the comments that I found most interesting:

CC is one of the more evil undercurrents in “Indie” rock. They not only own stations that advertise their shows at their venues (and punish diversions from that tack). But now, they (you are sitting?) are creating and promoting their own bands from scratch. Friends in Texas have been approached to become part of this machine as a “cast” member for such a band.

They now own every aspect of music except one of the 3 CD pressing plants worldwide and their own label (outright). They are FoBs (Friends of Bush).

(Their having fired Howard) Stern is just the beginning of this sterilization of popular culture.

That particular comment ends with a link to a great piece about the band The Alarm and the fact that they recently subverted industry trends by constructing an attractive, false band to introduce their new material to the MTV generation. Its the most brilliant thing Ive read in a long time.

Meanwhile, the folks over at CaliBlog have started their trip across country. I especially like the fact that they printed up a box of stickers promoting their blog before setting out. Now, as they travel across the nation, theyre sticking them up whenever they can. I like the fact that every sticker anyone sees will have been put up by one of them personally. I like tie between the on-line world and the real one.

Ill have to fill you in on the on-line exploits of my other friends at a later date. Right now, I have to visit Google. I hear that researchers at the University of California created a micro-robot that is powered by living heart muscle and I need to see it before I go to sleep. I want to dream about heart-powered robots all night.

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