hot tips for zombie lovers

You can download George Romeros classic horror film Night of the Living Dead for FREE! Its apparently in the public domain now.

And, even better, you can now find Christian singles in your area thanks to Big Church, a new on-line Christian dating community!

Dont be left behind fill out a profile today.

Actually, perhaps we could all work on a profile together Heres a start:

Scruffy but clean Christian rocker looking for a girl (18 to 20) who, while shes definitely hot enough to be in a Girls Gone Wild video, would never even consider such a thing.

I need to go to work now.

Oh, before I go, heres a link to the Eschaton site, where youll find information on Richard Clarkes testimony yesterday and quotes, like this one, from Tom Daschle:

During the nearly nine months it took the Administration to develop and sign off on its terrorism strategy, it does not appear the Bush Administration took any decisive or effective action to cripple Al Qaeda. Perhaps the most potentially significant action the Administration took prior to September 11 was in May 2001. At that time, reportedly in response to an increase in “chatter” about a potential Al Qaeda attack, President Bush appointed Vice President Cheney to head a task force “to combat terrorist attacks on the United States.” But, according to The Washington Post and Newsweek, the Cheney Terrorism Task Force never met. The American people need to know whether this is true.

Assuming you want more information on Clarke, I found this article on to be very informative. Its written by a person who has known Clarke quite well for decades, since they were students together. The impression of Clarke given in the article, while not altogether flattering, isn’t one of a person that would fabricate stories like those Clarke has been sharing with the press.

Theres also a short interview with Clarke on Here are a few quotes from that interview:

It’s possible that the vice president has spent so little time studying the terrorist phenomenon that he doesn’t know about the successes in the 1990s. There were many. The Clinton administration stopped Iraqi terrorism against the United States, through military intervention. It stopped Iranian terrorism against the United States, through covert action. It stopped the al-Qaida attempt to have a dominant influence in Bosnia. It stopped the terrorist attacks at the millennium. It stopped many other terrorist attacks, including on the U.S. embassy in Albania. And it began a lethal covert action program against al-Qaida; it also launched military strikes against al-Qaida. Maybe the vice president was so busy running Halliburton at the time that he didn’t notice

They had a preconceived set of national security priorities: Star Wars, Iraq, Russia. And they were not going to change those preconceived notions based on people from the Clinton administration telling them that was the wrong set of priorities. They also looked at the statistics and saw that during eight years of the Clinton administration, al-Qaida killed fewer than 50 Americans. And that’s relatively few, compared to the 300 dead during the Reagan administration at the hands of terrorists in Beirut — and by the way, there was no military retaliation for that from Reagan. It was relatively few compared to the 259 dead on Pan Am 103 in the first Bush administration, and there was no military retaliation for that. So looking at the low number of American fatalities at the hands of al-Qaida, they might have thought that it wasn’t a big threat.

OK, now I really need to get going. Bye.

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