but this isnt how i thought my vacation would start

I never write about my job here. I make it a point to keep all the parts of my life separate. And, for the better part of the last two years Ive been successful at it. In some instances, Ive turned down offers to be interviewed in the local press for my magazine and my blog. In other instances, Ive gone to bizarre lengths to hide my identity. I write my comic for the Ann Arbor Paper under the name Anonymous. A few moths ago, when the Current did a cover story on Linette and me, I made them promise to only identify us by our initials, and I wouldnt allow them to take photos. Maybe I went a bit overboard, but I didnt want to mix the two things together. I didnt see how it could possibly work to my advantage to tear down the wall between these two parts of my life.

Well, thanks to a local monthly by the name of the Ann Arbor Observer, that wall started lowering yesterday. I knew it would happen eventually. I knew my hold on this was tenuous at best. I was always just sitting out there, just one Google away from exposure. I cant really blame the Observer (but it would have been nice if theyd told me that they planned to mention MM.com).

So, today was the first day that I heard the word Blog uttered at work and it was directed at me.

My boss, a guy that I happen to like quite a bit, passed me in the hallway and said something to the effect of, Whats all this about a blog? That was it I mumbled something, shook my head and then went back to my desk and started working on the, Please dont fire me, my wife is six months pregnant letter.

That was a joke, actually. I didnt play the pregnant wife card I did tell him, however, that my hope was that all my stupid humor and my political ranting wouldnt change his view of me or of the work that Ive been able to accomplish on behalf of our office.

The scary part for me, scarier than all the stupid jokes coming out, is the fact that Im pretty honest on this site about the fact that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Thats not something that Ive really ever told anyone that Ive worked with, and Im concerned that it might color peoples judgment of me, in spite of the fact that Ive got a good four year record of running projects, initiating programs and furthering the objectives of our office.

So, thats what happened this afternoon. Now Im just sitting here and waiting for the response.

When I got home, I checked my non-work account and found two notes waiting for me, both from people that I interact with in my job. Fortunately, both were positive.

So, with that, my vacation starts. My friends should be arriving shortly. Now, I need to get busy with the vacuum.

While Im not looking forward to the ramifications of these two worlds colliding, I am, in a way, relieved. To some extent, it feels like a monkey is off my back Its kind of cool, I think, that this happened before the baby came. Im nervous, but at the same time Im hopeful. Its nice not to have a secret.

So, yes I am the inventor of the Ypsipanty. I am the man behind MM.com. I am the publisher of Crimewave USA. And, I am the lead singer of the Monkey Power Trio.

These are good things.

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