an email exchange between my friend doug and me

I liked this note from my friend Doug Skinner today, so I thought that I’d share it. I don’t think that he’d mind.

DOUGLAS: I see that “The Dawn of the Dead” has knocked “Passion” from its #1 spot. Do you think that’s because “Passion” had only one zombie? Maybe that’s the secret: more zombies, more tickets.

MARK: I went to the movies this weekend. The woman in line in front of me was there to see the Passion of The Christ. She and the ticket-selling man were having a discussion about it. She said that this was her second time and he responded that he’d seen it three times already. They both talked of how “beautiful” and “powerful” it was. When it was my turn to approach the ticket-selling man I was tempted to ask for two to, “that movie where the guys torture and kill the hippy.” I could have probably thought of something more clever, had I put my mind to it, but I thought that was funny enough… I went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind instead. It reminded me how fucked up and sad human beings are. I didn’t really need to be reminded of that, but, regardless, that’s what happened. It also made me feel a bit guilty about bringing another person into the world, a person that would one day have to deal with heartache, sex and all the rest of it comes along with being human.

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