good luck at the gym

I experienced some good luck today at the gym. There, among the soggy, sweat-drenched magazines on the communal reading table by the stationary bikes, was a pristine copy of the December 2002 Atlantic Monthly. Being the greedy little fucker that I am, I not only hoarded it for the half-hour that I was riding the fake bike, I stuffed it down the leg of my sweatpants and smuggled it out to the car once I was done. Now, its upstairs waiting for me and I feel as though I need to go to it. Im halfway though a really fantastic piece on Bobby Fischer and his delusions.

As long as Im on the subject of the Atlantic Monthly, you might also want to check out the interview with author P.J. ORourke about drinking and just hanging around in Iraq. Hes got an interesting perspective.

I really dont say enough about the Atlantic Monthly. Its a good magazine, and one that I would surely subscribe to if I had the money.

For those of you who are interested, the top five things I would subscribe to, if I had the money, are: The New York Times, The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, The Atlantic Monthly, and Raw Vision I say this even though I just let my subscriptions to both Raw Vision and Entertainment Weekly lapse… Our New Yorker subscription went away last year. And, were down to just the Sunday NY Times. There just isnt enough time to read all the things that wed like to and we couldnt continue to justify spending the money on magazines that would just continue to stack up in the corner and remind us of how far behind we are.

OK, Im going up to read the 11-moth old issue of the Atlantic Monthly now. Hopefully, it isnt covered in microscopic parasites from the gym.

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