the shonen knife situation

Linette and I are supposed to be interviewing Atsuko and Naoko Yomano, the sisters behind the great Japanese rock band Shonen Knife, this Friday evening in Detroit. Unfortunately, neither of us has had too much time to prepare for the interview. Weve been listening to our Shonen Knife CDs as we sit here and ship out the new issues of Crimewave, but we havent done much beyond that

Well, I just decided to take a few minutes and scour the web, looking for interesting little things to ask them about.

While looking over the English language version of their new website, I came across a quote that I really love.

Please continue watching their powerful activity.

Im thinking about stealing it from my site. I very much like the idea of powerful activity and I want mine to be watched too

And heres another weird thing I found while skimming through the guestbook of a Shonen Knife fan site. This was an entry, amid all the other entries.

This is Joe Lewis, son of comedian Jerry Lewis. I’m a huge Shonen Knife fan. I think you know a band I worked with called The Fab Four, the Beatles tribute Thank you for being so good and rocking and rolling!
~ Joe Lewis – Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Why doesnt something cool like that ever happen on my bands guestbook? We never get the grown children of celebrities just stopping by All we get are young English girls giggling over elephant cocks.

OK, I need to get back to the mailing of the new issue of Crimewave now. If youre a subscriber, or if you contributed to this issue, you should get your copies in a few days. The first batch went in the mail this afternoon. The rest will go out by this weekend.

For those of you in the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area, you can pick up a copy at Henrietta Fahrenheit or Rubber Soul Records. If you arent in southeastern Michigan, youll have to wait a few days longer. Borders Books should have them out in their stores in the next week or so, as should Tower Records. Lots of independent stores carry Crimewave too. One day Ill get motivated and list them all here.

And, I should mention, in a few days well have the Crimewave website set up to take orders. We want to get these out to subscribers before we start working on that though.

As for Shonen Knife, if you have any ideas for questions for them, please send them to me. (As the interview will take place on Halloween night, we plan to ask a lot of stuff about costumes, ghosts, monsters and the like. You don’t have to stay constrained to that subject matter though.)

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