mark, are you working on crimewave today?

Does Rush Limbaugh like white people and OxyContin? The answer is a resounding, Hell, Yes. I took the day off from work to stay at home with Linette and work on the magazine. It absolutely, positively has to go to press by this Sunday. Thats the real deadline, and we are going to stick with it. I wasnt going to post anything here for the next few days, but then these news items about Rush Limbaugh started to hit the internet. According to reports, the temporarily deaf, formerly obese, right-wing demagogue has a bit of a substance abuse problem. He also just recently lost his job as a sports commentator for making allegedly racist comments. I dont know if either accusation is based in truth, but I really dont care. Im just taking a great deal of pleasure in his change of fortune. I despise hypocrites more than anything else in this great big world of ours and I must confess that my greatest pleasure comes from such instances where assholes like Jim Baker and Rush Limbaugh are finally held up in front of their followers for what they truly are.

Our intrepid DC correspondent, Mr. Smallwood, reminded me this morning that Mr. Limbaugh, the spokesman for the Chicken Hawk feather of the Republican wing, has a long history when it comes to hypocrisy. Take for instance his military service during Vietnam… Actually, as youll learn if you follow that link, he never had the pleasure to serve in VIetnam. No, he, like our brave President, was robbed of that opportunity. Apparently, Rush had a letter from this family doctor about a painful anal cyst. Damn that anal cyst! Im sure that we could have used a giant, infant-like creature like Rush over there. Given the right circumstances, Im sure he would have stepped up like John McCain and become a war hero. If only that damned anal cyst hadnt kept him from reaching his true potential.

So, yes, I take some pleasure in the fact that this pompous, draft-dodging shit bag, who so often criticizes people like John Kerry who fought in is place, is now getting whats due him. Who am I to say though. He very well have been suffering though tremendous anal pain all these many years now. That might very well might even explain his current addiction to OxyContin.

And, maybe he wasnt really deaf either. Maybe he just had crack pipes wedged in his ears.

OK, I have to go and call Moe Tucker now. I have what I think might be the perfect project for her Stay tuned.

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    Someone on the Bill Press
    Show said that the cyst
    was willing to serve
    but Rush was not

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