Well, I decided to do a little research this evening into the existence of what my friend called bushy bush over dinner a few days ago. I found nothing when searching for China + bushy bush but I did find one brief mention of something that sounds very close when searching for South Korea + pubic hair transplants. Well, here it is. This is the closest I could come to verifying the bushy bush trend. Heres a quote from the piece:

Transplanted pubic hair is the latest trend in South Korea, where it is regarded as a sign of fertility.

Surgeon Afschin Fatemi, from Unna in Germany, said: “In the West, women try to reduce their genital hair as much as possible, but in Korea the trend is for forestation.”

He said a mass of pubic hair was considered a sign of fertility, which was why many women were paying as much as 1,700 to have hair transplanted from their heads.

So, there you have it.

One last thing Is Dr. Fatemi using the word forestation correctly? If so, Im afraid I may have to recall a few letters that I sent off to my representatives in DC. I hope its not too late. I hope that the CIA doesnt already have a note about my pro forestation fanaticism in my permanent record.

Speaking of writing to your representatives, theres a neat little web page at where you can look up the names, addresses and web pages of your congressperson and senators. My advice is that you look them up, print the page out and stick it to your refrigerator door. Its a good thing to have around I was thinking this afternoon that it would be good to pre-address some envelopes and have them ready for when inspiration (or anger) strikes.

If youve never written a letter to one of your representatives, you might want to consider sending one in support of McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act to address global warming.

Let me ask you this Where else on the internet can you see a post that begins with bushy bush and ends with a discussion of the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act? I defy you to find one other.

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