bushy bush

Linette and I went and had dinner with a few friends the other evening. Over a delightful pork roast, our friend Walter told us about a movement in China known as “bushy bush.” He said that a staggerig number of Chinese people were beginning to have pubic hair implants. They were doing this, according to Walter, becasue they wanted to increase the surface area of their bodies that was covered in the tiny curly hairs. He stated it like it was common knowledge. I’d never heard of any such thing. (By the number of people that come to this site by searching for “ball shaving” my guess is that were headed toward the other extreme here in the states.) So, thats all I wanted to say on the matter. If you happen to see a Chinese person naked, and if theres a dense curly fur from their kneecaps to their bellybutton, dont be alarmed. Thats just bushy bush.

It had not occurred to me, but might this perhaps be a political statement against our President, Bushy Bush?

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