my mind is blank

Its been a busy weekend. Lots of proofreading for Crimewave, and a new installment of my comic for Ann Arbor Paper. Linette and I also rented studio space this weekend at a gallery here in Ypsi. If it works out, well have a lease for a year. Itll give us 250 square feet of warehouse space in which to make messes and build things. We also ate out a lot. Thai, Mexican, and Chinese. We want to try to save money, but we cant stop eating out Linettes watching Annie Hall across the room and I cant concentrate. I want to go over and watch it with her. I know that as soon as I lay down though, Ill go to sleep. Ive been up since 7:00 AM. I got up to use the bathroom and made the mistake of turning on the TV. I sat there in a trance and watched Animal House from start to finish Linette and I also placed an order for more Ypsipanties. Apparently, theyre selling pretty well at our friends store Im tired I want to say more, but I cant. Since you were nice enough to drop in though, I feel like I should give you something Let me look around and see what I can find

OK, heres something that you might be interested in.

My friend, Dave, made a little concert video of wheelchair-bound scientist Steven Hawking performing Elton Johns Rocket Man. It should work in most browsers, but I should caution you that it is 1.6 MB.

On that note, good night.

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