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A few weeks or so ago, I suggested that it could be possible that the administration had known where Saddams sons were, but waited until they needed a boost in the ratings before taking them out. I personally dont believe that, but I thought that the idea was worth considering Today, however, I read a column by Bob Novak that suggests that the administration might be doing something very similar with regard to the finding of weapons of mass destruction. According to Novak, we may have already found evidence of such weapons, but the administration might be waiting to make the discovery public. According to his sources, the White House will announce the discovery in September.

If I were a suspicious type, I might think that Bush was waiting until closer to the Presidential election. Isnt his partys convention scheduled for New York in September? Maybe its just a coincidence that the kick-off of his Presidential campaign is in New York City, right around the anniversary of 9/11, and that hes planning to announce the finding of weapons of mass destruction at, or around, that same time. Im sure Karl Rove didnt have a say in any of this Heres a quote from Novaks piece.

Kay has told his superiors he has found substantial evidence of biological weapons in Iraq, plus considerable missile development. . . . Senior officials in the Bush administration believe Kay’s weapons discoveries should have been revealed as they were made. However, a decision, approved by President Bush, was made to wait until more was discovered and then announce it–probably in September.

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