a few more things before i go upstairs to read the new york times

If you go to this site, you can see women in bikinis operating heady-duty power tools. (Im hoping this is the new Home Depot ad campaign.) VeriChip, the manufacturer of implantable human-tracking devices, is launching product sales in Mexico. (Can the absolute end of privacy be too far behind?) Flashmob #5 is set to go in New York on the 24th. (Does anyone want to share a ride from Michigan? I like the idea of driving twelve hours each way just to participate in a ten-minute activity.)

OK, Im tired. I wanted to tell you about the hole in one I got a few days ago, during my first-ever game of golf. I also wanted to tell you about seeing a pack of sugar-crazed four year-olds tearing apart a Sponge Bob pinata this afternoon like a dozen starving dingoes on a plump Australian baby. And, I wanted to write some more about the Stooges interview Id like to do. I dont have the energy though… Maybe I should have had something more substantial that tofu, brown rice and broccoli for dinner.

Tomorrow, I will have a steak and tell you of great and wonderful things.

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