evil inside the luxor

I just got another note on the idea of evil things taking place beneath the black pyramid of Las Vegas moth-attracting Luxor.

I did a few of my own searches. “The Luxor is evil”, “portal to hell” + “vegas”, “evil luxor”, plus some others. I got nothing! I think what is going on here is that this is a covert portal to hell and we are being jammed by the dark one himself, Beelzebub. He probably has miles of rack-mounted servers screening for html requests and when he gets one that might expose his precious hole-to-hell, he somehow has all references deleted.

I like the idea of the devil having miles of servers constantly scouring the internet. How better to find people at their low points, when theyd be most susceptible to the temptation of evil? Hed know every fetish, every secret longing… Somewhere in this is the makings of a plot.

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