the war

As I mentioned yesterday, I caught myself watching the E True Hollywood Story on the Hilton sisters last night on Tivo instead of watching one of the dozen news shows Id recorded. I guess Im just burned out on politics right now. Theres just so much to be pissed of and depressed about. Im overloading to the point of not caring. Its like I surged and blew a mental circuit breaker. I just now watched Friends, followed by Survivor. Ive always watched the occasional bad TV, but it hasnt felt like this before. It feels like Ive just decided to submit. Have you seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Do you remember the part toward the end where the woman just decides to stop fighting, to give in and become a pod-person? Well, I feel as though Im about ten minutes away from that.

I just read this letter by a Brit who absolutely detests us Americans though, and it was good for me. It was like a welcomed slap across the face. Maybe itll get my mind off the likes of the Hilton sisters and back on the things that really matter like the Landers sisters. (While were on the subject, when are they finally going to get around to making a BJ and the Bear movie.)

Heres another good splash of water to the face It looks like Salam Pax, the Baghdad blogger, is alive and finally back to blogging. Its very cool to hear his voice again.

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