I still haven’t heard back from Shannon as to whether or not she’ll be able to provide a photo of Paco, the lower-jaw-less Chihuahua with the enlarged nipple that she claims to have found wearing a little argyle vest and freezing to death in a cemetery. In the meantime, I was hoping that some of you would take a shot at drawing what you think Paco might look like. My old friend Kez said that he was going to email me a drawing of Paco, but instead he sent this:

I guess Kez is too busy with his Ebay backstabbing project to do much in the way of art these days. (On the subject of the auction, it looks as though the market for Mark Maynard memorabilia has topped out at $23.50. I guess thats what my friendship is worth on the open market.)

As for this dog image that Kez has sent in, it brings back lots of memories from my childhood. Its a Fisher Price thing, right? I remember that I had this dog in a red plastic barn, along with lots of cows and sheep. Somewhere in my house, I have pictures of my uncle Thom and I playing with those animals as kids.

Speaking of Thom, I was looking through some pictures this afternoon while cleaning house. I got to an envelope full of photos that he had taken at my wedding. He was in some of them… My mom, after he had committed suicide, went with one of her sisters to clean out his house and take care of his estate. Shed brought these pictures back for me, along with some other things that she thought that he would have wanted me to have, like his Velvet Underground records and books on Buddhism. Anyway, I was just sitting here, looking at these photos of him and feeling incredibly sad. Its been over a year now and I just cant seem to get over how much I miss him.

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