What if we all made t-shirts that said, suck my lifelog? What if I made them for you? Do you think that thered be a market? Are enough people pissed off by the Pentagons plans to monitor us to spend $10 on a shirt?

How about a shirt for kids that says, My Parents Stood By and Did Nothing When My Civil Rights Were Being Taken Away and All I Got Was This Lousy Shirt? The shirt could have a barcode on it too, and maybe even a GPS tracking device built in.

LifeLog is so much better from the standpoint of comedic potential than its predecessor, the Total Information Awareness (TIA) system. Suck My Total Information Awareness, just wouldnt pack the same wallop.

Speaking of Total Information Awareness, the Pentagons proposed system to track the spending and travel patterns of all American citizens, I just heard that they were changing the name. From now on, its to be known as the Terrorism Information Awareness program. It seems as though too many Americans protested it under its previous name. Now, Im sure no one will complain, even though its the same damned program. Brilliant.

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