a letter from the professor

I love to be able to count among my readers (and personal friends) a fellow who is a Professor of Religion. That, for some reason, makes me proud. Maybe I think if scholar reads this shit, it cant be all that bad. Anyway, I just received the following note from him.

If you like Lego porn, you’ll love the Lego bible. Especially good are the weirder stories, like Er and Onan and God Attacks Moses. Another personal favorite is the Epistles of Paul.

Its good to have a Professor of Religion on hand for things just like this. Absolutely no one else followed yesterdays link to Lego Porn and then wrote back with information about the Lego Bible. (My hope is that tomorrow someone else writes in with an image from the Lego Koran.) Anyway, follow these links. The stuff is pretty cool. I especially like the images of God kicking ass.

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