hangin’ around in ann arbor tonight

Ive been working in the yard all day. Im tired. I got up at 7:00 this morning, on a Saturday. I had to be up and ready for the Sears repairman. Our refrigerator, which weve just had for three years, stopped refrigerating a few days ago. We lost a lot of food, and $123 to have the guy replace some kind of internal timer. When I asked the guy, what was up, he just said, Cheap parts, made in Mexico. Funny, but I dont remember seeing that in the materials the folks at Sears gave me when I bought it.

So, now Linette and I are getting ready not to lay around the house and rest like normal people after a hard day of physical labor, but go to a hanging. Yes, a hanging. Our friend Marty has rented out a gallery space in Ann Arbor and arranged to have a group of S & M / Body Modification folks drive up from Indiana. If I understood Marty correctly, theyll be putting large hooks through each other and then take turns being hoisted up, into the rafters of the building. We, as guests, will be walking around, staring at them like works of art. (Marty says that for a price, theyll also be suspending attendees.)

Its bad enough that I dont go to church anymore, but watching scary people hang from meat hooks on the night before Easter, thats got to look bad in the eyes of God, right?

I would go on and on here about what I expect to see tonight and why it is that were going, but I have to leave now. Marty told us to come early, before the cops showed up and arrested everyone.

Heres a photo I found on-line of this kind of thing.

Im taking my camera, so come back tomorrow.

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    This was surely a powerful experience.

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