Last night, I mentioned a friend in Chicago whose boyfriend claimed to have innocently stumbled across a close-up photo of a mans tattooed penis while searching on-line for a used guitar. I suggested that it sounded a bit suspicious. My guess was that he had been searching, probably for days, to find not a guitar, but what he considered to be the most perfectly tattooed cock. Well, Ive just been shown something that makes me call that into question. Apparently, you can search for guitars and stumble on cock.

David Miller just sent the following:

eBay just took this down, but someone grabbed the page and put it here. Supersize the image of the serial number on the back of the headstock. It’s the one on the right.

If you do what Dave says, if you follow his instructions carefully, you will see what Im talking about. Look closely.

I feel like Ive just seen OJ try on the bloody glove.

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