all day cooking

These are photos taken yesterday in our kitchen, as Linette and I were setting out on our Indian cooking marathon. I realize that it looks like it might be the beginnings of a photo essay on dog eating, given the order of the photos and such, but thats not the case. We didnt eat Freeda.

What you can see from these photos, however, is the depth to which my OCD controls my life. Look at all those nice little bowls of diced onion, garlic, ginger and blanched almonds. Thats the essence of OCD, having all of your ingredients cleaned, pealed, sorted and chopped before even turning on the stove.

man uses columbo to solve the mystery of the identity stealing girlfriend
This man claims that his blog, along with memories of Columbo in action, saved his life He met a girl that he liked, he mentioned it on his site, and someone, a reader hed never even met, stepped forward to tell him that hed better look into this womans past It turns out, among other things, the photos that shed shown him of her niece and nephew were really of her kids.

the debris sandwich: delicious scraps from the internet
Weve had two years now to work the kinks out of the system. Youd think that things like this wouldnt happen. Maybe we should invest a little more in US anti-terror infrastructure. Forget the massive Total Information Awareness system, how about hiring someone at Homeland Defense to work the weekend? Youd also think that wed be smart enough not to let things like this happen. Apparently, were allowing an Army chaplain to baptize bathing soldiers in Iraq. I guarantee by the end of the week, well start to hear about this over-zealous chaplain baptizing thirsty Iraqi kids And the BBC reports on Bush the evangelical Christian Im finally able to get on to the English language al Jazeera site, and its not so bad Speaking of getting up and running, the Taliban are apparently reforming in Afghanistan. They just killed a foreign aid worker. Makes you think that maybe we should have stayed good to our word and helped the Afghanis rebuild their country.

One of those famous war bloggers was busted for plagiarism And the Arab News has more on those tunnels under Baghdad Meanwhile, in the US, theres more debate on privacy, and how much were willing to give up for security, or the illusion of security And weapons of mass destruction, of the chemical variety, may have been found today in Iraq But things arent so bright everywhere. Close to one thousand bodies were found in mass graves in Africa, the result of a recent massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Well, in spite of all this, it looks like we all made it another day. That’s good. Hopefully, I’ll see you all here again tomorrow… Good night.

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