clothed people come out against war

No one wrote in to tell me how clever I was for thinking up the idea of having nude women spell out “No Bush in 04” with their bodies. I thought that was great. I was convinced, as I finally settled down to sleep last night, that I’d have calls from the networks on my machine this morning. I thought by this time today I’d have sitcom development deal on my desk.

While none that happened, I did get a note from a mysterious reader who calls himself Dave S. This Dave S asked that I link to a page of images depicting clothed people around the world protesting our government’s approaching war with Iraq. He didn’t position it as such, but I think, in some way, he was chastising me focusing on the smaller, all-nude protests when much larger, clothed ones were taking place around the globe. Perhaps he has a point.

With that in mind, here’s a link to the site he wanted me to direct you to, as well as a few sample images I copied from the site. (My favorite is the one showing the kid with the gas pump handle poking against his head like a gun. I’m not sure that I agree with the political sentiment behind it, but I like the image.) (link)

So, in summation, I think that these are pretty cool pictures… IF THEY’RE REAL! (Couldn’t all of this be done in Photoshop? Couldn’t this be another one of those enormous, well-executed left wing conspiracies?)

It actually is pretty cool to scroll through these images and see the 25 or so different protests that have recently taken place around the world. This is one of those kinds of things that really illustrates what’s great about the internet. It make global, real-time grassroots activism/journalism possible.

And, it’s nice to be reminded on occasion that the internet isn’t just a delivery device for hardcore porn.

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