mutiny at bedtime

I just had what I think is a wonderful idea for either a children’s book or a record. Actually, it’s not much of an idea, just a title at this point, but I love the title. Please tell me that no one else has ever thought of it before… Oh, that’s it in the title to this piece, “Mutiny at Bedtime.” It’s like “Mutiny on the Bounty.” Isn’t that cool? Doesn’t that evoke great memories of reading books under the covers with a flashlight and stuff like that?

I used to sneak out of bed and hide behind the couch, where my parents were sitting, to watch TV. That’s kind of what I think about when I say “Mutiny at Bedtime.” Maybe, if it were a book, the story would be about a babysitter who comes to watch a family of kids that all want to stay up late to watch something on TV. I like that idea… Let’s get started!

Anyway, I like the title. Don’t use it! I will sue you. I swear that I will.

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