We need to finish this issue of the magazine. I came home at 5:00 and I’ve been working on it for the last six hours. Still no end in sight. It has to get done this weekend though. There’s all kinds of stuff I want to write here at the site, but I’ve made a little deal with myself that I won’t post again until the magazine is done. I’ve even got some stuff written, but I’m making myself wait. We’ll see how this strategy works. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow at noon with the guy who I think might want to kill me. I’m sure, if I make it back, I’ll want to write about that, but, again, I’ve made this deal with myself not to post… a deal which, I might add, I’ve already broken by posting this.

I just realized that.

Ok… starting NOW!

Wait, wait, one more thing. About the topless photo that the “interview with a stalker” guy sent me yesterday of his female friend and/or captive, a few of you have written and asked for me to post it. I’m not sure I want to though. I’m afraid that it might encourage other people to do the same thing, and the last thing I want is for my in-box to fill up with photos of young, naked women.

Seriously, I have to draw the line somewhere and I’m afraid that if I start down that naked women road that it’s not going to lead to somewhere good. The last thing I need is one of those new, warrant-less Homeland Security raids.

As I mentioned the other day, people are already coming to this site by way of search engines because I mentioned a New York Times article concerning “Lil A…” (I don’t even want to write it again) a few weeks ago.

That’s a combination for disaster right there. I’ve got pedophiles coming to the site and I’m asking for photos of topless women. Yeah, that’s a strategy for success right there.

Will they still let me blog from Camp X-Ray?

So, let me be clear. I do not want any more photos of anything naked. I also do not want you coming to this site if you found it through searching for your favorite, sexy, amateur child model.

Please leave and don’t come back until you’ve read all of the “Left Behind” books.

Starting… NOW!

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