Hey, it’s Mark. I’m still in Siena. We leave tomorrow morning for Rome, the last leg of this two-week Italian odesy. While I’m sure I will hate being back in Michigan, I’m kind of getting tired of being on vacation. I won’t admit that to Linette, but it’s the truth. I’m getting worn out. It’s tiring to be on a vacation like this. How many great works of art can a person see in a day? How many times can one man be expected to eat gelatti (Italian ice cream) and drink great wine. It’snot restfull… No, I don’t expect for you to feel sorry for me. I know that I’m very fortunate to have been given this opportunity to travel back to Europe. I just wanted to say that I’m tired of living this very, very nice life of leisure. Maybe it’s my protestant work ethic, but I want to get back to the office, where I can sit and complain about work all day. Love you. -Mark

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