And, yes, we made it back to Michigan safely last night, after two busses, a train, two flights and a couple of car rides.

I am sick now though. I have a cold. The cold I have been evading for the past week has finally caught up to me in a big way. I took today off from work. When I first got up this morning, my nose started dripping faster than a Mr Coffee. There was no way that I could have worked and sopped up all the snot.

As I was home, I invented a little contraption that has helped quite a bit though. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would go over too well at the office… Have you seen a George Forman “Knock Out the Fat” Grill? Do you know the little plastic tray that sits at the edge of the incline, catching all of the burger drippings and meat puss? Well. I’ve got that little tray under my nose. I’ve drilled two small holes in it and I’ve run a string around the back of my head. Now I can type for up to ten minutes without having to dump the container. It just sits there, quietly filling up and I go about my business. I just need to be careful not to tilt my head, which is difficult when I cough. So, once again, necessity was the mother of invention.

Can I tell you tomorrow about my trip to the grocery store today in search of bargain fake meat, and the woman I met there? I’ve already written it once for you today, but it was lost in one of the Fucking Blogger Incidents (FBIs).

Goodnight, I’m going to go up and cough pounds of phlegm into my pillow as I try to sleep now.

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