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Davontae Staford, framed for four murders at the age of 14, is scheduled to return home tomorrow after serving nearly 9 years in prison

Over the past five years, I’ve written quite a bit on this site about a young man by the name of Davontae Sanford. As you may recall, Davontae, who is developmentally disabled and blind in one eye, was taken into police custody in Detroit at the age of 14 for the murder of four people […]

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Making the front page of Reddit with my post on Davontae Sanford

My website got 27,977 unique readers yesterday, after something that I’d written a while ago about Davontae Sandford enjoyed a short stint on the front page of Reddit… Davontae, as you’ll recall, is the young, learning-disabled teenager serving time in prison for the murder of four people in Detroit, even though almost everyone with any […]

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The strange case of Davontae Sanford

We haven’t seen her here on the site for the better part of a year, but, for a quite a while, we were getting regular updates from a woman by the name of Taminko Sanford on the fate of her son, Davontae, a prisoner in the Michigan correctional system. Davontae, who was found guilty of […]

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