palin can’t name a single newspaper or magazine that she’s read

I can understand how she can’t name a single instance of McCain pushing for regulation of any kind. And I could kind of sympathize when she couldn’t name a Supreme Court decision other than Roe v. Wade. But – holy crap – how is it even possible that she can’t name a single magazine or newspaper that she’s read? Seriously, how can McCain continue the charade that Palin is even remotely qualified to step into the role as Commander in Chief? Does he really think that little of this country?

[And, for what it’s worth, I realize that she has read magazines and newspapers. She’s just terrified to give the wrong answer to the question. She’s like a victim of abuse being asked to explain a black eye. She doesn’t want to say something that will get her into even more trouble. In a way, I feel sorry for her.]

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attacking together, humming “kumbaya”

The Michigan Congressional delegation, like most around the country, was divided on the $700 billion in “emergency” aid to the financial sector. Representatives from the mitten state voted 9-6 against the bill. John Dingell, who voted for it, attributed the loss to partisan politics, but it wasn’t just Republicans who voted, “No.” 95 Democrats, including 3 from Michigan, voted against the bill designed to keep American mega-banks solvent.

I know I should be worrying about the financial apocalypse that the President says is closing in on us, but, before I get started boarding up my windows, I just want to sit here for a moment, close my eyes, and enjoy for the fact that, for once, Michael Moore, Richard Shelby, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Newt Gingrich have found something that they can agree on… I never thought that I’d see the day when people across the entire American political spectrum could come together and, with one voice, say, “Let them fail.” There’s something really beautiful in that… It’s too bad it took all of this to make it happen.

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gorbachev to give up soup

Word on the street today is that our old friend Mikhail Gorbachev, at the age of 77, is launching a new political party in Russia. His intention, we’re told, is to take on Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party. As Gorbachev only received one half of one percent of the popular vote the last time he ran for elected office in Russia (in 1996), and as Putin, a former KGB official, still seems to be very much in control of the country, it’s unlikely that he’ll make much headway. If, on the off chance that he does start to get traction, however, if I were him, I’d give up soup. Seriously. No matter how delicious and wonderful it looked, I wouldn’t even take a bite.

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buy a burger, get a burger, at the sidetrack

OK, remember how, on the first of September, I arranged for you all to get half-price fried chicken dinners at Haab’s? Well, this month, I’ve got something just as tempting. Linda French and our friends at Ypsilanti’s legendary Sidetrack Bar and Grill have agreed to give us, the readers of, one of their delicious world famous burgers absolutely free, with every purchase of a burger at regular price. And that goes not just for beef, but for their tempeh and black bean burgers as well. All you have to do is print out this coupon and hand it to your waitperson…. That’s twice the burger for your money! And it’s all month long…. Enjoy.

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bar-b-q killers “his and hearse”

One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies.

She – the singer – is dead now.


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