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The first episode of Dreamland Tonight is now available online

I’m on my way out to a meeting to discuss the second episode of Dreamland Tonight, but, before I go, I want to share this video of the first episode. I don’t know how well it translates to this format, but hopefully you’ll find something to like about it… And don’t be discouraged by the […]

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Burger King likely to occupy Water Street

We’ve known that it was looming out there. First there were rumors. Then the prospect got mentioned at a City Council meeting. But, now it’s apparently real. According to tomorrow’s City Council packet (PDF), an official offer has been made by a Burger King franchisee… They want to own a piece of Water Street. I […]

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Savings to be had in Ypsi’s Public Services Department

Linette’s out with friends tonight, so I’m sitting here, at the kitchen table, pouring over City Council meeting minutes from the last year, looking for possible savings to be had in the budget. If I can come up with about $90k in the budget, I’m told, we can keep a fire fighter. So, that’s what […]

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Should we cut the pay for City Council, and, if so, by how much?

Quite a few folks here in Ypsi aren’t too keen on the idea of firing firefighters and police officers in order to balance our budget. (See previous post.) So, it’s no surprise that other ideas are being floated. One of the most commonly heard suggestions is that we cut the pay of our elected City […]

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Ypsilanti budget woes

Today, the first day of the new year, was wonderful. Among other things, I went for a hike through the bright, snowy woods, downed countless bowls of shrimp bisque, and made some new friends. I can’t imagine getting 2010 off to a better start… But then I came home. Opened my email. And found the […]

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