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Ann Arbor’s rat poisoned produce brings to mind the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror case

News tonight that a young man has been apprehended by the FBI in Ann Arbor for apparently spraying a mixture of hand cleaner and rat poison on grocery store produce, has led to a great deal of speculation online as to what might cause a person to do something like this. While I suspect we’ll […]

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A missive from the Prophet of Hamtramck on the Detroit Whole Foods and the future of mankind

My friend Steve Cherry made the following proclamation last night from his bunker in Hamtramck, and, as I agree with it, I thought that I’d post it here, for your consideration. Having spent much of the big east coast blackout of 2003 in Hamtramck, I can say with some degree of confidence that, when the […]

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Ypsi’s VG Kids, considering a move to Ann Arbor

My friend James owns the local screen printing company, VG Kids. I’ve written about them here plenty of times in the past, and I’ve held them up as an example of the kind of young, dynamic, quality-focused, arts-centered company that we need more of here in Ypsi. So, as you might expect, I wasn’t exactly […]

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Whole Foods and Half Wits on Health Care

The CEO of the upscale grocery chain Whole Foods, John Mackey, came out today to say that he’s against universal healthcare. I personally don’t have any problem with it. Yes, I think he goes quite a bit overboard when he says that it would bring about Socialism, but it’s not like he’s saying – as […]

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