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Biden responds to Cheney’s revisionist history

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, who just celebrated the fourth anniversary of shooting his friend in the face, crawled out from his hole the other day, like Punxsutawney Phil, and assessed the political environment. And, finding people not shitting their pants in fear, he decided to ratchet up the neocon rhetoric. He accused the Obama […]

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Quote of the day: Jesse Ventura on Cheney

Former Navy Seal and Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura, in an interview largely about Norm Coleman’s loss to Al Franken, had the following to say about waterboarding to Larry King. [Video of the exchange can be found here.]

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Torture memo remix

Jonathan Mann writes a song a day. Today’s song uses text liberated from the recently released Bush torture memos. Specifically, he uses language detailing the 183 instances in which waterboarding was used against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. You can find the lyrics here. While we’re on the subject of torture, it’s probably also worth mentioning that […]

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But, what if 267 was the lucky number?

Was I the only one to read the New York Times article today on the two al Qaeda members who were waterboarded a total of 266 times by the CIA, and wonder if maybe we would have gotten some really incredible intelligence had we tried it just one more time? I mean, who stops at […]

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