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As the narrative evolves, the people occupying Wall Street are no longer hapless hippies but terrorists and revolutionaries

It would appear that movement to hold Wall Street accountable for the crimes of the past several years, and put an end to the growing income inequality in the United States is starting taking hold. Not only are a number of unions and progressive groups stepping up to show support for the men and women […]

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Young people making sense at the occupation

Remember how, a few days ago, we were saying that it was just a matter of time until people started showing up at the Wall Street occupation who could actually articulate why is that they’re angry, and what it is specifically that they’d like to have changed? Well, it’s apparently started to happen. I don’t […]

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Is now the time to get off our asses and take to the street?

Say what you will about the topless girls and the incoherent boys who started everything rolling with their occupation of Wall Street, but it looks like what they set in motion might actually have not only legs but momentum. Today, 3,000 people marched on Bank of America in Boston. And, in New York, an estimated […]

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Corporate media begins to take notice of the police brutality on Wall Street

Since we talked yesterday about the dearth of main stream media coverage on the Wall Street occupation, a few things have happened. Most interestingly for me, The Nation called out the New York Times for its dismissive tone and lack of journalistic integrity. Here’s a clip: …I’m reminded of Matthew Prowless, a 40-year-old father of […]

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The Occupation of Wall Street… day eight marked by violence, arrests

I’m sick as a fucking dog, and don’t have the strength in me to write anything even remotely interesting, let alone meaningful, on the subject, but I wanted to remind people that the occupation of Wall Street is now in its eighth day. According to what I’m reading, approximately 100 of the protesters were hauled […]

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