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The Republican ideas that will save our nation

All too often on this site I criticize the Republican party for being bereft of new ideas. I’m going to have to stop doing that now, though. With the infusion of new blood, via the Tea Party, the ideas are are now flowing fast and furious. Just this week alone, there are three fantastic measures […]

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Since we haven’t had a good Glenn Beck thread in a while…

We can argue all day all day long as to whether or not Sarah Palin’s violent imagery and rhetoric contributed in any way to Jared Loughner’s decision last week to kill his Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords. What can’t be argued, however, is that, several months ago, Palin’s fellow Fox News personality, Glenn Beck, played a pivotal […]

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Obama on the deaths of the men and women in Tucson

I’d already watched Sarah Palin’s recorded statement on the Arizona shootings when I’d decided to track down video of President Obama’s speech at the Tucson memorial service for those men and women who were killed or wounded on Saturday. I know that, in the past, I’ve expressed a great deal of dissatisfaction with the President, […]

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Arizona Republicans leaving office in fear of fellow Republicans

Saying, “I love the Republican Party but I don’t want to take a bullet for anyone,” Arizona Legislative District 20 Republican Chairman Anthony Miller tendered his resignation this weekend. The following clip comes from Think Progress: Just hours after 22-year-old gunman Jared Loughner launched a shooting spree at a Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) constituent event […]

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Don’t retreat, Instead – RELOAD…. and then be sure to cover your tracks

In the wake of yesterday’s horrific attack against Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the internet has exploded with activity. Everyone with an opinion is weighing in, and, as you might imagine, a lot of people who may have contributed to the heated environment in which the shooting took place, are busy covering their tracks in an […]

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